D22 och D23

D21 was followed by D22, a completely compatible computer, but provided with a character unit to get an efficient Cobol execution. The I/O-equipment was enlarged and renewed.
The last computer of the D20 series, the D23, was provided with a microprogrogrammable central processor and an early version of semiconductor memory.

In the background: The cabinets with the central unit, primary storage and I/O system. Beside the manouver panel a paper card printer and a card reader.

The D22 control panel. The Potter tape stations from D21 were replaced by others from Hewlet Packard.


The D22 disks. Capacity: 8 Mbyte each.

D23 was the last generation of Main Computers from from Datasaab. In the foreground, the disks. But the picture lies: This is in fact a D22 painted and labled as a D23.

The business with Central Computers was transfered to Sperry Univac in 1973.