The computer D5/30 was designed in parallel with the minicomputer D5/20, which was intended for bank applications. D5/30, intended for applications in business systems, was furnished with an operative system of own design and a Fortran compiler. The applications were limited to currency trade systems in Norway and slaughterhouse applications in Poland. The important bank applications with D5/20 used the majority of Datasaab resources at that time.

Minicomputer D5/30
Data format: 8 och 16 bits
Clock frequency: 1 MHz
Primary storage: 32 - 128 Kbyte.

Weight: 50 kg

D5/30 Data sheet (pdf-file)


Disk Unit 5631 including one fixed and one interchangeable cassette-disk.
Capacity: 8,2 Mbyte
Average access time: 47,5 ms
Weight: 140 kg


Back plane wiring of D5/30.


Testing of a disk memory adapter.