Datasaab introduced two computer systems under the common name Series 2000: E2100 for banking applications and E2500 for business systems. Initially the minicomputer D16/20 was used for banking together with a compact terminal computer TC. Also have a look at Datasaab’s Automatic Teller Machines (ATM).

Have a look at the Automatic Teller Mashines (ATMs) from Datasaab!

Series 2000 included an impressive number of products of Datasaab’s own design: Minicomputers, terminal computer, displays, keyboards, printers, card readers, PIN units, etcetera, together with the necessary software.

CPU (to the right) and disc memories of E2100. The discs had replaceable disc packs with a capacity of up to 220 Mbytes (see a picture at E2500).


The terminal computer TC was a forerunner to the PC in so far the Intel microprocessors were used. But it had a more compact design, a separate I/O processor, and more efficient busses.

An opened TC.


A number of PIN units and card readers were developed and were connected to E2100.

The printer 366 was developed in several versions to meet different built-in requirements. All versions could print in pass books.


The printer 366S with electronics in a separate unit.


The Ericsson PC was by and by integrated in E2100 and provided with the necessary software for communication and presentation.

From the development laboratory:



Test of a TC prototype

Systems at the customer:

A teller terminal at the Saving Bank

A teller terminal at the Saving Bank

Back-office enviroment at the Saving Bank