Datasaab launched two computer systems under the common name Series 2000: E2500 for business systems and E2100 for bank applications. The systems were based on Datasaab Series 16, which was further developed. The computers got more instructions and a more powerful support for Cobol. A new data communication was introduced, based on SNA. The number of applications increased and peripherals were modernized successively.

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Most products belonging to E2500 were developed on one’s own. By and large only standard printers and disc memories were purchased from outside.

Four performance classes of the CPU could be selected (E252-E255). New computers based on the original D16/20 architecture had now replaced the computer D16/30 from CAI.
The cabinet could be located in an ordinary office environment partly due to silent blower technology. It contained also floppy discs and streaming tape backup in addition to the CPU.

Displays from 5” to 12”

15” display and 12” display on stand

Disc memories for S2000

The Alfaskop system was integrated in S2000 after the merger between Datasaab and Stansaab

Application program in E2500.

Office applications in E2500.