D21/D22 Music

Here you can listen to samples of D21 and D22 music recorded in 1967 by Göran Sundqvist: "Till minne av vår gamla dator" (D21 in memoriam). Bear in mind that this music was produced long before the success of the digital music and the CD´s.

The sound files have a size of between 400 and 600 KB, which is why it may take some time to start the music, if you not are broadband-connected. Each piece of music is limited to around 30 seconds.

It you don’t have a mp3 player; you have the opportunity to download Windows Media Player here by clicking the Icon:


1. Arvet från D2

2. Julvisor

3. Mozart: Wurfelspiel, binärt

4. Mozart: Wurfelspiel, analogt

40 sek

30 sek

30 sek

30 sek

1. Stereotest

2. Mozart: Wurfelspiel

3. Sorgemusik

28 sek

30 sek

30 sek

D21 Music from Industridata

Anders Sandahl wrote october 15, 2012:

Some time ago I found a 45 rpm 7" vinyl disk at Tradera. The music is from Datasaab D21 and Facit EDB3.
I have made a digital version of it now.

Link to our museum: www.abc80.net


A musical dice by W.A.Mozart


Sound and music by Facit EDB 3

6 min




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