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The pictures in this Gallery originate from the Datasaab Historical Archive located at Landsarkivet in the city Vadstena, Sweden. (See the heading “The Datasaab Historical Archive” at the start page.)

In this Gallery you will find pictures of products developed and produced by Datasaab and later by Ericsson (EIS), Nokia and others. It also connects to Datasaab computer’s early relationship with the first SAAB-computers, SARA and SANK (D2)

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The early computers SARA and D2 represent the base for the Datasaab D21/D22/D23 “heavy line” computers as well as the Central Computer CK37 developed for the aeroplane 37 Viggen. The small computer at the picture named D41 was a planned but never realised variant of CK37 aimed for process regulation.

1957 SARA - Saab’s first binary computer system.
1960 SANK (D2) - Saab’s Automatic Navigation Calculator
1962 D21 - The first generation of Datasaab’s “heavy line” computers.
1968-1975 D22 och D23 - The second and third generation of the “heavy line” computers. 
1970-1985 Aircraft Computers - CK 37 and CD 107.
1971 Banking System including the Nordic Terminal Project (NTP) and the printer 5808.
1972 D5/30 - The first Business System attempt, based on a mini-computer.
1979 Serie 16 - The Business System satisfying small and big demands.
1981 S2000 including the E2500 Business System and the E2100 Banking System.
---- Pictures from the production plant "Prodata" in Hackefors, Linköping.

To a large extent peoples’ names have been omitted so as to avoid the need for password protection for this gallery. Former employees of Datasaab who recognise these products and their environment are welcome to send their comments and any further information . Mail to: info@datasaab.se

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