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Tema Bank

The third book in the series ”Bits & Bytes from Datasaab's history” deals with the period starting in 1968 and which was strongly characterized by banking applications. Here Bertil Knutsson, Bernt Magnusson and Tord Jöran Hallberg describe the new product range.

The Nordic Terminal Project provided a base for common procurement by the Nordic saving banks and the three papers by Erik Forslund and Rolf Bergström show how Saab and Facit became suppliers to this gigantic project.

The computer D5, the programming language DIL, terminal networks utilising loop techniques, and purpose built bank printers all evolved from this project and were technical innovations of vital importance. Ergonomically designed workstations became a significant sales argument.

The transition from a few mainframe computers to thousands of mini computers made heavy demands on production and maintenance. Kaj Malmgren and Lennart Pettersson remember the problems and recount the story of their solution.

Datasaab expanded into new markets with the new products. Bertil Knutsson, Bengt Senneberg, Owe Holmberg, and Töger Lien outline the marketing activities which were implemented in Europe and in the United States.

“Pengar på Minuten”, “Stella”, and “Beagle” were three very ambitious and dramatic banking projects with the Swedish saving banks and SEB as customers.

Security in connection with plastic card terminals became a speciality during the 1980's, and Owe Holmberg describes the product group 2700.

In the final paper of this book Arnold Norman describes the banking products as they remained in 1996.