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Tema Flyg

This is the second book in the series “Bits & Bytes from Datasaab's history” and tells how Sweden got its first computer in a military aircraft.

In two introductory papers Sven Yngvell and Viggo Wentzel tell the story of how automatic data processing started in Sweden and outline the technical break through's made during the 1950 's

Tord Jöran Hallberg recounts an interview with Börje Langefors who was head of Saab's computer department and who later became professor at the Royal Institute of Technology. Sune Sjölund describes the experiments with automatic tool control.

In a number of papers Tord Jöran Hallberg, Bengt Sjöberg, and Jan Tufvesson give the background as to why the Viggen became Sweden's first computerised military aircraft.

“From CNK to CK” describes the difficult and sometimes dramatic prototype period, and in a paper published in Teknisk Tidskrift from 1967 and written by Bengt Jiewertz and Stig Lindqvist the final version of CK37 is specified. Björn Hällberg reports on Sweden's first design with integrated circuits, and Rolf Bergström tells the story about the strange interlude with the biax memory.

Dag Folkesson describes how the software for CK37 was developed over a period of three decades, and this is supplemented by Lennart Ahlberg's paper on simulation.

Bengt Jiewertz gives the outcome of an investigation into computer reliability under operating conditions, and in an interview by Tord Jöran Hallberg Allan Stjernspetz describes the technique used to extract the memory content from crashed aircraft.

Two concluding papers report on Datasaab's role in the work on the computers for the fighter version of the Viggen and for the JAS aircraft.